Peachcare Dental Providers Georgia

Finding Peachcare dental providers in Georgia can be hard enough. And even when you do, how do you know they have trained and experienced dentists who can provide your child exceptional yet affordable dental care? At Vital Smiles GA, our founder Dr. Miguel Hernandez, a native of Colombia, grew up in a low-income family also and knows how difficult it can be to provide quality dental care to your family. Ever since he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from New York University, he’s dedicated his entire career to providing exceptional dental care to children and families who need it the most.

Vital Smiles GA is a Peachcare dental provider in Georgia who makes going to the dentist fun for children of all ages and backgrounds. Both of our offices in Albany and Norcross have fun, inviting atmospheres that put any child at ease and provide them fun activities and entertainment while they wait to be seen by one of our compassionate dentists and staff. We allow parents to sit with their children in the exam room to comfort them, have children’s videos playing in the reception area constantly and even more toys, coloring books and puzzles to keep their young minds occupied. We also prefer to use kid-friendly dental terms like “bubbles” for toothpaste and “Mr. Bumpy” for the tool that removes plaque from teeth.

As a Peachcare dental provider in Georgia, we offer some of the best dental services for kids who need it the most. These services are especially critical during the developmental years while teeth are still growing. Our list of dental services includes:

Since we are a preferred and experienced Peachcare dental provider in Georgia, we have ample resources on-site to process your dental insurance forms and ensure your child receives the dental care they’re entitled to. You can schedule your child’s first appointment by visiting our contact page or calling our Albany office at 229-432-9555. Feel free to take our dental quiz or check out our FAQs page to have all your questions about Peachcare dental services answered. You can also visit the Georgia Dental Association online to see what Peachcare dental plans are available.



We keep your child’s teeth sparkling clean with the help of our electric tooth brush (a motorized prophy brush). We then apply bubbles (fluoride) to keep his or her teeth strong.

Filling Cavities


We use fun tools like Mr. Bumpy (our slow speed drill) to remove decay. Your child will then receive a silver star (filling), and the tooth will be good as new.



Sealants are thin, protective coatings used to prevent tooth decay. They fill in the tiny grooves of the tooth surface so that brushing becomes more effective.



We use a tooth camera (X-ray machine) to take pictures of your child’s teeth. This gives us a better look at his or her smile. Our Digital X-rays are state of the art, limiting radiation exposure.