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Atlanta’s Mom-Approved Dentist

Welcome to Vital Smiles Georgia

Your kid’s oral health is not just important-it is vitally important. Vital because oral health is linked to overall physical health. Vital because a healthy smile can contribute to a kid’s self-esteem and happiness. Vital because good habits learned now will carry into adulthood. Your kid’s oral health is vital for many reasons, and we have built our practice around this concept.

doctor hernandez with patients

We Belive in Dental Care for All Kids

We believe oral health is vital for all kids, in all communities, from all backgrounds, to have access to quality dental care. We believe in:

  • Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Affordable Care
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Community
  • Respect
  • Openness
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Contact Us

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Vital Smiles

Albany, GA

1030 West Gordon Ave, Suite A
Albany, GA 31701

Tel: 229-432-9555
Fax: 229-432-0907

Norcross, GA

6000 Singleton Rd, Suite 315
Norcross, GA 30093

Tel: 770-248-9059
Fax: 770-248-9130

Albany Office

welcome to vital smiles georgia, West Gordon Avenue, Albany, GA, USA

Norcross Office

Vital Smiles, Singleton Road, Norcross, GA, USA