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Illustration of Mom-Approved Dentist

Parents, you voted our Dr. Miguel Hernandez into the top “Mom-Approved Atlanta Dentists” list in the February 2018 issue of Atlanta Parent for the second year in a row: wow! Thank you! We wanted to take a minute to tell you what your trust means to us.

Here’s the thing: we know that you invest relentlessly in your children. You are their primary advocate and cheerleader, and you take that responsibility seriously when you make decisions about education, fine arts, and athletic opportunities, character development, social skills, healthcare, and so much more. So when you choose to bring your children to us and let us partner with you as healthcare providers for your kids, we take your trust seriously. At Vital Smiles, we want each of our patients to receive comprehensive, individualized dental care, and we want you to feel like family. That’s why it means so much to us to receive your vote of confidence and your recommendation!

One of our mom’s shared this when she nominated Dr. Hernandez:
“My daughter has always had a lot of anxiety around going to the dentist after a not-so-great experience when she was younger. Now she’s 10 and Dr. Hernandez makes her feel at home. She takes pride in her smile and looks forward to going to the dentist now!”

We are thrilled that you’ve chosen us to be on your child’s healthcare, and like you, we believe that your child deserves the best.