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Important Information for Vital Smiles’ Patients

Vital Smiles can’t wait to help your children get their best smile possible. But before you bring your kids come to our office, we want to answer any questions you might have about some of our dental services. We have provided some information below, but please don’t hesitate to ask questions about dental services your child may need. There are also some fun dental terms you should familiarize your child with, so we can perfect their smile while putting them at ease. We developed them to help not make them as scary. Creating a fun-loving environment helps them create healthy habits now by visiting our dental office.

mother and daughter with toasted marshmallow

What You Need to Know Before Your Child’s Appointment

There is some information we will need before getting started at Vital Smiles. We begin this process by creating a fun environment for them to hang out while you fill out the necessary paperwork. We also suggest scheduling their appointment during the time of day they are generally most rested. Once we have collected all of the little patient’s information, we will go over the necessary dental procedures with both of you to make sure we are all on the same page. We even have a viewing window for parents to watch this procedure if necessary for the child. After we finish our dental services, we will check back in with you and inform you of any follow up dental services needed and work to get them schedule before you leave.

Dental Advice to Protect Your Young One’s Oral Health

Our friendly dentists will also offer you and your child advice on how to improve their oral health at home. In between visits to our office is when they are the most vulnerable and when they need to work hard to develop the proper habits for healthy teeth. From talking about the importance of visiting a dentist’s office to brushing and flossing techniques, and even nutritional help to keep them smiling well into their adulthood. Through dedication and teamwork, we can help your child get set up for life-long oral health success!

Dental Care Inspired
By Kids, For Kids