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father and son playing outside

Tips for Good Hygiene Habits

We understand that it can be difficult to motivate your kids to take responsibility for their oral health. Below are a few tips to help instill good hygiene habits in your kids:

  • Routinely talk with them about why good oral hygiene is important.
  • Make brushing fun by buying soft-bristled toothbrushes with their favorite characters on them.
  • Consider implementing a reward chart to track their daily brushing activity.
family of three smiling

Compassionate and Gentle Care

When you bring your kids to Vital Smiles Georgia, we will continue your efforts of making oral hygiene a positive experience. Our practice is devoted to kids under the age of 20, so our team has experience relating to and understanding kids. At Vital Smiles Georgia, we:

  • Offer compassionate and gentle care to help your kids overcome any anxieties regarding the procedures or instruments.
  • Use fun terms for our instruments to help create a safe and positive atmosphere.
  • Encourage you to use some of our terms to help familiarize your kid with our terminology.

Vital Smiles Dictionary of Kid-Friendly Dental Terms

  • Bubbles or jelly: a fluoride treatment we apply during a pediatric teeth cleaning. This helps strengthen your kid’s teeth
  • Electronic toothbrush: a motorized prophy brush used to clean your kid’s teeth during check-ups
  • Mr. Bumpy: a slow-speed tool that helps remove decayed material from your kid’s teeth and helps to prepare teeth for fillings
  • Mr. Thirsty: a suction straw used during cleanings and procedures to suck up excess liquid in the mouth
  • Prince Crown or Princess Crown: a chrome or porcelain crown sometimes used in dental restorations
  • Silver Star: a silver filling, made from an amalgam of restoration material
  • Sleepy Juice: the anesthesia used for numbing the teeth and gums during procedures
  • Sugar bug: cavities, or dental caries, in teeth
  • Tooth camera: the radiography equipment used to take X-rays of your kid’s teeth
  • Tooth counter: the dental explorer used to examine teeth
  • Water Whistle: a high-speed tool that helps to remove decayed material from your kid’s teeth

Dental Care Inspired
By Kids, For Kids