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At Vital Smiles Georgia, we understand that it can be difficult to convince your children that dental hygiene is important for their health. That is why we offer daycare presentations to educate children and parents about the importance of beginning good dental health habits at an early age.

Our dental hygiene presentations are fun for the whole family. We introduce the children to Marley, a friendly dinosaur. The children can dress up as the dentist with their own mask and gloves, and take turns brushing Marley’s teeth. We also demonstrate how other dental tools are used so children will not be afraid when they see them.

We offer these presentations because we are committed to our community and to ensuring that children receive the quality dental care that they need.  Additionally, we want to familiarize children with the dentist and get them comfortable with what we do in a fun and kid-friendly way.

Call our Albany office at 229-432-9555 for more information about the educational events we offer. We are here to help keep your children smiling, so contact us today!