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With its second digital launch this year, the Affordable Healthcare Act website,, is online and ready to connect 800,000 Americans a day with affordable insurance.  December 3, 2013, President Barack Obama spoke to the nation about the improved webpage at a White House healthcare event. After a difficult October 1 launch, the site is now reported to be accessible 90 percent of the time for individuals and small business owners to browse and enroll in insurance plans.

Affordable dental care and affordable health care are difficult to find without insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare. The Affordable Healthcare Act website is supposed to help Americans find the health and dental insurance plans which are right for their families. Now that is functional, online, and ready to accommodate high volume internet traffic, more people will be able to explore their options and decide if Obamacare is the right choice.

The president wanted to remind the American public that minor bugs and roadblocks are common with any undertaking, especially one as large and complex as the Affordable Healthcare Act website. While some small glitches might still pop up on the site, he expects developers and IT professionals to fix them in the upcoming months. His main priority is improving American access to affordable health insurance and affordable dental insurance.

It is our goal at Vital Smiles Georgia to provide high quality and affordable dental care in our Norcross and Albany locations. We accept patients of all income levels with a variety of dental insurance plans. If you think you might qualify for government-assisted family dental insurance visit our resource page or browse Contact Vital Smiles Georgia now to schedule an appointment.